For members of Our Way of Learning, tours are a big deal!  Tours get our kids together and out into the community to see the inner workings of businesses, and experience what people do to make a living (sometimes with hands-on experiences included).  Tours are a unique and wonderful educational opportunity that only homeschooled kids can enjoy on such a frequent basis.  To view list of tours we've taken in the past, click here.

Free trial: OWL tours and activities are open to all OWL members, and our schedule is distributed and sign-ups are taken via our Meetup group. All new members can try the group for free for one month! More information on joining OWL is located here.  With plenty of tours per year, along with other activities, parties, and meet-ups, the $25 you pay to join OWL is a terrific value!

Costs:  In some cases, we may schedule tours at businesses that charge to give tours or for other goods and services; if this is the case, this information will be disclosed ahead of time via our Meetup group, and members choosing to attend will be responsible for those costs.  Otherwise, tours are free to all OWL members.

We sincerely thank everyone who has an interest in attending our tours!